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You Say You Want a Revolution…?

This is the last post summarizing my new book: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead. These posts give the reader a glimpse of its depth and scope.

Using Race, Religion & Politics (RRP) to highlight what divides us, fueled by ideologies based on inherently conflictive worldviews, we find ourselves in a deep morass. Analyzing these factors inevitably goes to individual biases. This is why we are in such a difficult and dangerous circumstance.

Bias = Division…?

We are all biased. We also possess various levels of objectivity that can temper our biases.

This is my appeal. Can we override our biases for the betterment of the country? Can we find common ground and tap down the seemingly never ending pushing of the envelope?

Let me be specific. Progressives seek “progress.” Conservatives seek “stability.” These are often mutuality inconsistent. My biases go to stability. This is why I am trying to sound the alarm that we are on a collision course. This is what motivated me to write this book.

Going forward, are we facing a coming crash? If so, is there a way to avoid a collision?

Principles instead of Division!

Here are five principles that should be used as guideposts in the road ahead:

1. When you ignore or appease extremism on one side and attack or demonize extremism on the other side, you will get more of both.
2. Violence should never be justified.
3. Hate should never be justified.
4. Color is the wrong emphasis. Character is the only answer.
5. We are in this together. We sink or sail based on whether we can find common ground. Remember the biblical adage that Lincoln asserted: A house divided can’t stand.

Folks, we need a better way to find solutions, or we will tear each other apart. No one wins in this scenario. My heart and soul are in his book. I wrote it to try to help, or at least, warn of some very dangerous times ahead.

Hope this will make a difference…

I rest my case. My new boom is done summarized. If you are interested in reading it, please go to this link:

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