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1 Year Anniversary of You Say You Want a Revolution…

A year has passed since the publication of my new book: You Say You want a Revolution…

Let’s take this time to reflect on what has happened this year. As a set-up, consider that the use of the “R-word” has been an indicator of momentum toward revolution. About four decades ago, as I was researching events leading up to the American Revolution of 1776, one factor stunned me. In the years leading up to the actual violence, the word “revolution” became increasingly used, both in publications and in common usage among the people.

Knowing this, the idea that a “revolution” was actually tied to a “groundswell,” a momentum, or a movement, I noted events and statements both while drafting my book and since its publication.

Revolution citations in the book

In November 2021, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, (D – NH), issued a warning to the Supreme Court: “reaffirm Roe v. Wade ‘or else.’ ” The phrase “or else” stated by Shaheen was this: a promise of “revolution.” This statement was quoted by Jonathan Turley, a highly respected constitutional attorney and law professor. His response stated the very basis—and title—for my book saying:

“ ‘So, you say you want a revolution.’ However, these threats are an attack on the very concept of impartial judicial review. ‘When you talk about destruction’ of our traditions of judicial review, as the Beatles declared in 1968, ‘you can count me out.’ ”

This theme, articulated by this song, aptly warns us of what may lie ahead. Knowing history and appreciating human nature, I adopted this title months before the provocative statement by the senator and the admonition by the constitutional attorney.

In the text, I noted several other instances of those on both “sides” of the political spectrum that clearly advocated revolution. The “R-word” was used with shocking and dangerous implications. My book chronicles such inflammatory rhetoric.

Since the publication…

What follows is a shortlist of examples of the “R-Word” since August 23, 2022…when “Revolution” was published.

  • George Washington University announced a new name — Revolutionaries on May 24, 2023. While announcing the name change of the school’s mascot, Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” and an alumnus of George Washington, made this “interesting” statement: “Raise high, Revolutionaries!”
  • Jill Scott Sings Anti-American version of National Anthem that includes these lyrics: “Oh say can you see by the blood in the streets / That this place doesn’t smile on you colored child / Whose blood built this land with sweat and their hands / But we’ll die in this place and your memory erased / Oh say, does this truth hold any weight / This is not the land of the free, but the home of the slaves!” on July 4, 2023:

What do these examples of “Revolution” mean…?

In short…they illustrate momentum. A groundswell is occurring. Though most people will not “see” this, the storm is indeed coming.

A pointed quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin may be a good way to end this post: “War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

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