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Defunding Police = Targeting Police…?

Does this “formula” reflect reality… The short answer is “yes.” A more comprehensive answer requires more time and space to convey and “prove.” Some data points, however, are pointing to an increasingly dangerous environment for police officers–and by implication, society itself. As the proverbial “canaries in the coal mine,” attacks on police can be likened …

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Is “Harm City” Contagious?

Lawless Baltimore: Foreshadowing Things to Come… Geographically well situated at the mouth of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Baltimore was one of the most important places in American history. As the site of Fort McHenry, where the Star-Spangled Banner was inspired, the song that eventually became the United States national anthem helped to foster American exceptionalism. This …

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Private Security Guards Are Replacing Police Across America

This title of a Time Magazine article speaks volumes… Seeing this article leaves me with a strange sense of mixed emotions. While watching crime increasing in many cities across America, people are reacting by seeking protection. One on level, like most people, I am saddened to see the trail of crime victims and growing …

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