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Single greatest threat to America is hiding in plain sight

Data Reveals Alarming Number of Citizens Support Political Violence

A poll released last week showed a majority of voters not only view the opposing party as a threat to the nation, but worse, many justify violence to combat the opposing party’s agenda. Citing this poll, one of my favorite writers and a highly regarded constitutional attorney, Jonathan Turley, declared the title used in this blog–and in the Fox News article:

Turley asserts that a “crisis of faith” exists. Many are questioning whether democracy is a sustainable system of government. Not only is this the “single greatest threat to this nation,” but also “citizenry that has lost faith, not just with our system of government, but with each other. So, both the system of government–and those who identify with the other party, are suspect or worse.

This is what Turley reported:

University of Virginia Center for Politics poll “shows a nation at war with itself. Fifty-two percent of Biden supporters say Republicans are now a threat to American life while 47 percent of Trump supporters say the same about Democrats. Among Biden supporters, 41 percent now believe violence is justified “to stop [Republicans] from achieving their goals.” An almost identical percentage, 38 percent, of Trump supporters now embrace violence to stop Democrats.”

Not surprisingly, Turley adds that many of these people have also lost faith in democracy. “Some 31 percent of Trump supporters believe that the nation should explore alternative forms of government.  Roughly a quarter (24 percent) of Biden supporters also question the viability of democracy.”

Political Violence is OK… Constitutional is NOT OK…

This is the overall conclusion of the poll. Does this portend dangerous times ahead? That was my conclusion some years ago. Taken together, political violence and changing the nature of the government are common goals of revolutionaries. Seeing this coming, I believe we are in what I call a Revolutionary Climate. This poll can be seen as a validation of this belief.

This inspired me to publish my latest book:

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