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Terrorism & Extremism: Indicators & Assessments

Most people do not want to think about this subject. Yet, leaders need to see the horizon—and prepare the inevitable increase in terrorism and extremism.

This website explores this need. It’s obvious that the current societal circumstances, including what can be construed as lawlessness, will get worse—and lead to a more prevalent terroristic climate. Increasingly, corporations must address lawlessness for the protection and safety of a corporation’s most precious assets: it’s people.

Crucially, terrorism and extremism are no longer just a concern of police and law enforcement agencies. This is now an exposure that corporations and communities must address. As these incidents increase, so does the notion of foreseeability. This legal standard creates a duty—it requires—certain measures to mitigate known threats.

Dr. Pastor can help frame and address these concerns. Through his experience as a tactical police officer in the gang crime unit in Chicago that provided a perspective few possess, Dr. Pastor has also devoted thousands of hours studying, training and researching this crucial and timely threat and tactic. He has written extensively on this topic, including two books foreshadowing today’s disruptive environments: Terrorism & Public Safety Policing and You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead.

As a security professional, attorney in policing, public safety, and security, and a former professor in public safety, Dr. Pastor’s extraordinary scope and breath of expertise and experience will prove crucial to your company or organization’s strategic thinking—and decision making. Let SecureLaw LLC help you think through the issues and implications affecting your company or community.

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