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Security Law Counsel

Having worked with thousands of attorneys in his career, Dr. Pastor knows that every professional develops niched, even unique, skills derived from years of study and experience.

In this increasingly specialized and sophisticated world, no matter how effective and knowledgeable one is, this basic fact remains: No one can be an expert on all areas affecting an organization and its attendant exposures.

For example, do you or your organization grapple with the following issues?

  • Crafting contractual and operational provisions that can minimize liability exposures.
  • Reconciling workplace searches and privacy policies.
  • Protecting your business from liability related for crime and misconduct.
  • Developing standards and protocols to meet your legal or contractual duties and minimize your legal exposures stemming from violent acts, such as terrorism, extremism, and workplace violence.
  • Addressing liability exposures raised when security personnel make an arrest or use force, including how and why these can be minimized.
  • As security incidents and crime may create legal exposure, considering these as part of your risk management assessments are crucial.

These, and others related to crime and security, are critical to effective risk management.

The fact is, many corporate attorneys tap Dr. Pastor’s expertise to supplement their work with their firm. Security is the key focus of these relationships and engagements.

Dr. Pastor provides support to corporate counsels, or in some cases directly to corporate decision makers, depending upon the circumstances.

His deep understanding of both legal principles and security methods couples with an intuitive security “sense” derived from decades of public safety and security experience provides a unique perspective that deliver results – results that are concrete, actionable and effective.

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