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Expert Witness/Consulting Expert

As a recognized expert in security, public safety and police procedures, Dr. Pastor is prepared to help frame and articulate the relevant duties, standards, and protocols affecting your case.

Dr. Pastor is an expert witness. He is called upon as a certified expert in public safety, policing and security in both federal and state courts, along with the Cook County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, U.S. Department of Justice & U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Pastor has participated in numerous cases as an expert witness or consulting expert and has contracted as subject matter expert with the local, county and federal government.

There’s a reason Dr. Pastor is often called on as an expert witness: there are few individuals who have his deep experience in these topic areas. Dr. Pastor has “walked the walk” and not just “talked to talk.”

Dr. Pastor is prepared to provide his expertise in the following matters:

  • Premises Liability & Negligent Security
  • Foreseeability & Lawlessness
  • Security Procedures & Policies
  • Private Policing Arrangements
  • Police Procedures & Policies
  • Use of Force Policies & Procedures
  • Search & Seizure Policies & Procedures
  • Police Disciplinary Methods & Management