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SecureLaw LLCSM is a Security & Legal Consultancy providing substantive, corrective strategies, designed to address, and remedy criminal acts and problematic behaviors along with limiting liability exposures. SecureLaw’s cutting edge, dynamic and effective solutions are tailored to specific needs, combining legal, financial, and organizational implications associated with each remedy.

In order to achieve meaningful outcomes, we balance proactive, cost effective and thoughtful strategies with sophisticated analysis, skills, and research. Dr. Jim Pastor’s professional expertise provides focused, cogent advice to address and offer support a variety of areas of safety and security. Please review the following for more information.

Expert Witness Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Pastor is a highly sought after expert in public safety, policing and security methods in both federal and state courts, and the U.S. Department of Justice & U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Security Law combines security methods and legal principles. Due to the wide range of exposures created by crime and misconduct, balancing legal requirements and security methods is difficult.

Security Law & Methods
Terrorism & Extremism: Indicators &

Having studied terrorism for four decades, Dr. Pastor understands both the conceptual and practical aspects of terrorism and extremism. The unfortunate reality is that these are spurred by an increasingly lawless society, and will become something that all companies, communities, and leaders must understand and address.

Techniques geared to reduce liability exposure and enhance protective environments are extremely important in contemporary America. These will be even more crucial as lawless conditions worsen. Look to SecureLaw LLC for guidance and advice.

Risk Management
Private Police

There is an adage: Nothing is constant except change. As America has been urged to “re-imagine” policing, the unfortunate result has been more crime—and in many areas—lawlessness. These circumstances require one to “think outside the box,” and seek innovative solutions. Private policing is one such innovation.

Dr. Pastor has broad and deep expertise on a variety of security and public safety issues. As an accomplished author, he is also a gifted, passionate speaker. If you are interested in engaging, please click on page for a listing of topics.

Presentations Speaker

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