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Reflections of 2022- Predictions of 2023

Reflections of 2022

Personally, this has been quite a year. Last year at this time, I was diligently typing away to complete the manuscript of my new book. Thereafter, once the manuscript was complete, the real work started…chasing around agents and/or publishers. After many ups and downs, Defiance Press and Publishing became the place to land my book. It’s website has these words on the face of the page:

  • Liberty
  • Truth
  • Freedom

Once the publication process commenced, it was time to create a business presence. Doing some research, I was shocked to see that SecureLaw was still a viable business name. I had run a successful consulting business under this name during the 2000’s. Seeing that the name was still good, I incorporated the business as SecureLaw LLC. This website and this blog are the result of this quest.

I am very happy to brand myself along two key aspects of my life: Security & Law. The tag line comes naturally from these: a Security and Legal Consultancy. This came together with this website, which supports this blog. Click below to see website:

SecureLaw LLC- Home page

Going forward, check out this blog and the website…

Predictions for 2023

The world is at a very delicate, even dangerous time. My professional and personal sense is that 2023 will be difficult. Indeed, difficult may be an understatement.

I realize that most people do not want to think this way. My on-going challenge is to balance a generally happy-go-lucky attitude that developed over many years of life. I am known by some as a “wise guy.” This reflects that I love to have fun with people, using good natured humor to make lite of life. I have often said that 90% of life should roll right off our shoulders. Having fun and not taking oneself too seriously has been a coping mechanism for me. The “dark humor” of cops and attorneys is a reflection of this approach.

However, there is that 10% of life that is serious–sometimes deadly serious. This is where I have developed a keen sense of people and circumstances. Being the “police” for almost a decade and actively practicing law for 20 years helps to hone the insight one develops in life. These experiences coupled with decades of study in terrorism, criminology, security, and geo-political trends allows me to “see” things that most people don’t see. Plus, I am an astute observer of people and of human nature.

With this as set-up, let me make some predictions for the coming year. I general, it will be a year of disruption and difficulties. Without getting into many details of the “why,” here are some things to look for:

  • Larger war in Europe. Russia seems intent on “winning,” with the US relentlessly throwing weapons & money, and the Ukrainians not being inclined to “give up”… something has to give. My sense is the world is posed for WWIII.
  • Taiwan. Though I do not have direct knowledge, my gut says that China must act sooner than later. Doing so before the next US election would make geo-political sense, as they cannot wait for the military to rebuild, the country to regroup, and population to galvanize. Related, allied countries like Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and others are rebuilding their militaries, as is Taiwan itself. As with Europe, something has to give…
  • Mideast. With Benjamin Netanyahu back as Prime Minister of Israel, and Iran increasingly aligned with China & Russia, one does not need to be Henry Kissinger to see that the opposing forces are gearing up. Though China is making inroads in the Mideast, countries like Egypt, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, and others will likely gravitate to its traditional western allies. In addition, with Netanyahu back in power, he will not wait for Iran to move against Israel. Consider also that the new prime minister has become allied with religious parties in Israel. This will influence Israeli domestic and foreign policy. Religious hardliners in both Israel and Iran will not play well together…
  • Disruption. Partly based on the above factors, and on domestic policies and dynamics, look for disruptions in basic staples of life. Specifically, trends reveal that these are “bubbling up” for what may be very dramatic difficulties…
    • Food Supply: Many factors are coming together to portend some serious shortages of food ahead. Inflation, pricing and availability of fertilizers, farm land, and equipment will hit supplies hard. As will energy costs and disruptions along with weather extremes, as both droughts and floods will severely challenge our ability to feed the population.
    • Energy: Noting numerous recent attacks on power stations and the grid, along with the an uptick in environmental extremism, coupled with “green energy policies,” the end result will be disruptions in utilities, especially gas and electric power. These plus the possibility of larger wars will also result in higher prices for energy. Inflation will also play a major role.
    • Political : With Republicans taking over congress, their focus will be on controversial issues, including Hunter’s laptop, COVID policies, Social media & govt. collusion, previous FBI & Intelligence agency investigations of Trump Administration, and other matters that lead directly to democratic involvement–including President Biden himself. These plus the possibility that the special counsel will indict former president Trump will be substantial fodder for political battles.
    • Lawlessness: Crime & disorder will increase, possibly substantially, as the disruptions noted above are will have serious implications on how we function as a people and a society. In short, chaos, conflict, crime, and disorder will become the “new normal.”
    • Terrorism: For all the above reasons, time is now ripe for increased extremism and terroristic violence. Indeed, the level of these will be in direct proportion to the levels of disruptions outlined above. In short, we will see very dangerous and deadly times ahead.

As the storm approaches…

This post is obviously not good news. As many are preparing for New Year’s Eve parties, my mind is on what lies ahead. If you want to get a better sense of the dots being connected, read my new book: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale That Lies Ahead…check it out it this link:

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