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Pre-Election Thoughts… Part 4

This is Part 4 of my pre-election post:

Fostering the latter can be achieved through the application of Public Safety Policing. Providing the theoretical and historical basis of this policing model was done to demonstrate its proven effectiveness. Unlike vague undefinable mantras, our approach was to let research, facts, and logic lead the way. Yet, the honest answer offered goes to a pragmatic response—the policing model is not a definitive answer to vexing societal circumstances. But reasserting order is crucial to regaining control of an increasingly disorderly and chaotic society. Hence, the remedy is to address disorder with order and to address chaos with control. These approaches will create tension and prove challenging. This will not be without controversy or without drama.

Indeed, the application of this policing model will be messy. Mistakes will be made. Allegations of “racism” will surely follow. Police officers will be killed. Police use of force incidents will increase in relation to the number of police killings, and from the increase in violent crime. These dilemmas and challenges lie ahead. Yet, it will be worse if needed changes are not made. Continuing the climate of lawlessness is worse—and fosters an inevitable increase in extremist and terroristic violence. Unfortunately, such violence will occur with or without implementing remedies designed to regain order and control.

Consequently, there is no “perfect” answer. There are too many challenges. Too many fights. Too much division. Societal dynamics will not allow for “solutions” with either consensus or without pain. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer forthcoming. In short, the gravity and complexity of our problems does not lend easy answers. If easy answers were out there, they would have already been applied. This is why we are where we are. Hostilities will mount as we go forward because any “solutions” will be resisted and challenged by those with different “answers.”

We then presented things that matter—freedom, security, love, and truth. The tension with these and the means to achieve these were presented and analyzed. As these are so important—this analysis was crucial. The consequences of not getting this right ought to create profound thought and reflection. What was presented goes to the level of analysis befitting such crucial factors. Yet, this was just a primer. The scope here fit with the overall theme— a pending revolution.

The formulas presented can be used to assess the road ahead. Are we headed toward an authoritarian society? Or will we maintain necessary freedoms despite ideological actors seeking to collapse society? Understanding the distinction between control designed to sustain freedom and control designed to foster power is critical to our ability to think through the way forward…

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