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Pre-Election Thoughts… Part 2

This is Part 2 of my pre-election post:

Addressing these factors separates this book from most. Using facts and logic instead of emotion and allegation is the only way to deal with controversial matters. Yet, this also takes courage and conviction. Taking on what has been likened to the “third rail” requires being prepared for the sword and shield of racism. I expect to be attacked as a racist—the “sword” is inevitable.

Using the “shield” of facts and logic, though insufficient, must still be applied. Believing that the truth is always slower than allegations, it is necessary to “step out in faith,” while most “run for cover.” Yet, many are standing up for truth, albeit a smaller number than the “crowd.” Yet, history tells us that people who stand up are necessary. Do we have what it takes to stand up when others cower? If so, being armed with facts and logic is necessary.

Neo-racists do not operate at this level. All they have is emotion and allegation. Getting facts and logic into the mix is the only honest way to prevail. But expect to be attacked. Not buckling to emotion and groundless allegations are required. Do this through courage and conviction.

Another way to see the horizon is to understand ideologies. Ideologies fuel the fire. While race, religion, and politics often separate us; ideologies are what drive those who want to separate. While humans have more in common than not, ideology drives separation. Presenting those of the parties involved will provide a vital window into extremist worldviews. Unless one understands this thinking, making sense of contemporary America is akin to wandering through a maze.

Big things are happening. But these look disconnected, even illogical— unless one has the path through the maze. To use another analogy, ideology is the picture depicting what the completed puzzle will look like. Ideologies illustrate what is occurring beyond what most can see. They enable us to understand this revolutionary climate and why it has come to be…

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