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Publications Media Interviews

Dr. Pastor appears on national and local media outlets often. Here are some.

If you are interested in an appearance by Dr. Pastor, please fill out the contact form on this website. 

FOX News (National): “Mexican Drug Violence,” interviewed by Gretchen Carlson on September 1, 2010.

Security Director News: “Supreme Court Decision Reinforces Gun Ownership,” June 29, 2010

Security Management: “The Evolving Terrorist Threat,” April 2010

Security Management: “Days of Enlightenment- Food Defense,” December 2009

Northwest Indiana Times: “The Threat from Within,” December 6, 2009

WTTW-TV Chicago Tonight: “Gitmo Illinois” interviewed by Carol Marin on November 23, 2009 

NBC- Chicago: Terrorism Preparedness,” interviewed by Alex Perez on October 10, 2008.

Comcast Television, Public Perspective: “Terrorism” interviewed by Kevin McDermott on August 7, 2008

Homeland Security: Inside & Out“Private Policing” Taped February 27, 2008

Public Television: Lakeshore Focus: “Public Safety” interviewed by Dr. Daniel Lowery on April 20, 2007

Post Tribune: “Cal College Program a first in Midwest” April 20, 2007

Northwest Indiana Times: “Terrorism, security law focus of book” March 8, 2007

Corporate Security: “Suspect Feeling Confined to Interview Room is Trouble for You,” Vol. 33, No 2, January 31, 2007.

The Arizona Republic: “Private Security Guards Play Key Roles Post-9/11” Jan. 22, 2006

Security Director’s Report: “How Private Policing of Public Spaces will Impact your Operations” Issue 05-12,, December, 2005

Security Director’s Report: “Winning Lawsuits takes more than Adequate Security”, Issue 06-06,, June, 2005 

Northwest Indiana Times: “Education Focus: Head of the Class” April 26, 2005

Security Director News: “Guns at Work law fires up Debate”, April, 2005

The Oregonian: Security Upswing, January 6, 2005

Washington Business Journal: “Corporate Security”, October 1, 2004

WYIN Cable TV: Region Watch: “Public Safety,” interviewed by Dr. Dennis Rittenmeyer on July 23, 2004

WLS Radio (ABC Affiliate): “The Debra Rowe Show,” May 5, 2004

Decisive Utterance: John Marshall Law School, Alumni Profile, February, 2004

ASIS Dynamics: Portfolio, January/February, 2004

CBS-2 Chicago: “Former Cop Looks into Private vs. Public Security Forces” January 9, 2004

Northwest Indiana Times: “Professor Writes Book on Future of Policing” January 7, 2004

Northwest Indiana Times: “Professor Writes Book on Future of Policing” December 14, 2003

Daily Southtown: “Former Cop Delves into Private vs. Public Policing” December 11, 2003

Northwest Indiana Times: “Private Police a Growing Force” December 4, 2003

Post Tribune: “Security vs. Civil Rights” November 28, 2003

Post Tribune: “Pastor book published” November 21, 2003

Reporter/Met: “Local Author looks at Impact of Policing Trend” November 20, 2003

Northwest Indiana Times: “It’s Not a Men’s Club Anymore” October 19, 2003

Media & Public Relations

Dr. Pastor has been interviewed by about corporate and professional media outlets, including:

  • FOX News (National)
  • WTTW-TV Chicago Tonight
  • New York Times
  • NBC- Chicago
  • CBS-2 Chicago
  • WLS Radio (ABC Affiliate)
  • Security Management
  • Security Director’s Report
  • Security Director News
  • Corporate Security
  • Washington Business Journal
  • Daily Southtown
  • Reporter/Met
  • Northwest Indiana Times
  • WYIN Cable TV: Region Watch
  • Public Television: Lakeshore Focus
  • Comcast Television, Public Perspective
  • Post Tribune
  • The Arizona Republic
  • The Oregonian