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Lawlessness = Defunding the Police

Telling the story of the path to lawlessness must start where it began. Defunding the police. This mantra found acclaim–and widespread appeal–in the summer of love. Following George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, this mindless mantra was mouthed by “leaders” throughout society. As vacant as this mantra was, its implications were huge. Simply stated, this mantra was the spark that started the dumpster fire otherwise known as lawlessness…

What does “Defunding the Police” mean…?

There is so much to say and so little substance underlying this mantra. In short, “defunding the police” can be taken literally, or it can mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean. Literally means “the bottom line.” Zero out police budgets. Shut down the stations, lay off the officers, and start anew. This view had some advocates, such as AOC who famously stated, “defunding the police means defunding the police.”

Here is how I described this in my new book:

“Let’s step back and assess what this means. Defunding advocated by the social justice mob was adopted by policymakers throughout the country. The same occurred in reimagining policing. So, police budgets were cut while policymakers imagined what future policing would look like. In retrospect, this was utter folly. The speed of change and the intellectually vacant manner in which it was delivered were stunning. So much so that only two explanations are possible: That policymakers cowered to the social justice mob, or it was planned.”

After describing the rushed, even frantic way “defunding” decisions were made, I made this observation:

“The results are also an indication of how they were enacted. Cities around the country are quickly “undoing” the defunding decisions. As violence and chaos increase, the defunding is being questioned—and in several places reversed. Hence, even if one wants to believe these are well developed and meritorious, they are being ‘undone’ as rapidly as they were ‘done.’ This speaks volumes as to the how and why they were done in the first place.”

Fire started…now what?

Here is the operative question or conclusion: It’s easy to defund and demoralize a police department but harder to rebuild one…

This is where we are. The “defunding” mantra, done without debate, done without analysis, done without any real assessment of what happens when the spark is lite. Yet, here we are. Lawlessness has commenced. It has its own momentum. It grows unless and until its underlying causes are addressed. There is much more to say, but one crucial solution is to implement Public Safety Policing. It see what the solution may entail, click on this link:

More to come…

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