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How Lawless Conditions Occur…

Anyone who is paying attention knows that crime and disorderly conditions are increasing. There are many reasons why, but few people have connected the dots. This must be done. This shows what happens on streets, subways, and other public settings are actually a direct result of policy decisions made by political leaders. Because of this direct connection, the only real answers are policy changes. Before providing suggestions of needed policy remedies, let’s first address the policy decisions that caused the problem.

Causes of Lawlessness

In my new book: I described the pathway to lawlessness. Here are the elements which lead to our current public safety challenges:

  • Defunding the Police

  • Re-imagining Policing

  • Legislation & Prosecution Decisions

  • Police Policies

  • Police Killings/Ambushes/Attacks

  • Police Resignations/Terminations & Morale

Each of these require explanation. This blog will take these apart, one by one. To get a sense of what lies ahead, check out this link:

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