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Dr. Pastor believes in giving back. He therefore understands the impact a teacher can have to make a difference. His entire career has been this giving and taking, receiving and giving, where he interacts with learners each and every day. His particular style of communication ignites a love of learning in his particularly difficult subject, the subject of security. Here is a brief overview of his involvement in the teaching profession.

Calumet College of St. Joseph, Public Safety/Law EnforcementĀ 
Associate Professor
Developed & delivered classes to active police officers and management personnel, including:

  • Terrorism: Ideologies, Tactics & Countermeasures (PSA 525- Graduate Class, PSM 311)
  • Public Safety Laws & Operational Implications (PSA 537- Graduate Class, PSM 417)
  • Labor Negotiations and Arbitration (LEA 535- Graduate Class)
  • Civil Rights & Civil Liability (LEA 530- Graduate Class)
  • Organizational Behavior (LEA 555- Graduate Class)

International Law Enforcement Academy
Adjunct Instructor
State Department sponsored training conducted at Roswell, NM for police officials from agencies throughout the world. Instruction focused on Security Technologies.

Northwestern University- Center for Public Safety- Staff & Command
Adjunct Faculty
Legal Instructor to police management in Civil Liability, Search & Seizure, and Employment Law.

Webster University, Security Management Department
Adjunct Faculty
Legal Issues in Security Management to police officers, security management, and military personnel.

Calumet College of St. Joseph, Public Safety Administration-Curriculum Development
Developed highly regarded graduate level Public Safety Administration program including substantial market research, benchmarking, curriculum design, and related structural components. The program was implemented in 2006 and remains in place today. Proven success with professional students at all levels, including high ranking police officials, private security personnel, federal agents, and supervisory and line level police officers.