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Dr. Pastor interviewed on “Two Mikes” Podcast

One Year After You Say You Want a Revolution published…

I am happy to post this podcast from the Two Mikes. In a wide ranging interview covering these topics (and more):

  • Lawlessness
  • “Post-Racial” society from Obama’s 2008-09 campaign vs. “Systemically Racist” society from 2020
  • Ideological Civil War
  • Defunding & Reimagining Police & criminal justice “reform” as code words for larger Marxist agenda to collapse society
  • Impact of these “reforms” largely hurt black people and communities
  • God- Country- Family
  • What Really Matters: Freedom, Truth…
  • Critical Theory of Criminology as a precursor to Critical Race Theory

More can be said, but instead: Check out the podcast by clicking below…

Author of You Say You Want a Revolution…

A summary of this book is available here:

To buy this book click here:

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