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Dr. Pastor Interviewed by LA Times on Private Security

‘A really scary feeling’: Private security firm accused of using force against UCLA protesters

The title of the article is shown above. It’s content focused on allegations of excessive force by security personnel hired by the university in response to widespread protests. To read the article, click here:

My contribution was to discuss the legal and operational distinctions between police and private security. As a long time researcher and expert on private security (see for example, my groundbreaking book on private policing:, I was happy to provide the insight needed to understand how police and security functions and behaviors are both similar, and yet different. There is much to be said on these, but the larger point is that police need security, just as people need security.

I invite you to read the article linked above. In addition, please check out my website for more details on policing and private security, including these: and

To wet your appetite, the LA Times article closed with my quote:

“What I see now is a driving towards private security,” Pastor said. “I think post-George Floyd, the reality is police are having a much more difficult time recruiting and keeping trained police officers. So I think that tide is turning where they’re seeing the value of having a private security officer next to them.”

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