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Do you know why Lawlessness will increase?

With the recent release of You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead, this post summarizes the dramatic distinctions in American society.

These divisions are plain to see. But most do not see the underlying basis for what is actually dividing us.

Here’s my summary statement: We are living in a revolutionary climate driven by mutually incompatible ideologies, amounting to an ideological civil war. Because these are often driven at the policy level, I take the reader into policies–and then to the streets to describe how these play out.

Respective Worldviews

Globalism                                                                  Nationalism

Each worldview drives these perceived ideal solutions:

Communism/Socialism or Capitalism
Mother Earth or God
State or Family

Think of every “hot” issue facing this country. Each can be classified as part of one of these categories. From abortion to climate change, immigration, border security, sovereignty, Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, Gender roles and identities, criminal laws and lawlessness, and host of other factors. Trace these issues to the categories above.

These worldviews are fostering this ideological civil war. This is why there is so little room for compromise—because the “solutions” are inherently conflicting. This results in extremist positioning, with violence emanating from the inability to forge compromise.

Progressive ideologies built on the left side of this divide are manifested in an increasingly chaotic society, where lawlessness prevails in many areas. Readers will be shocked to see all the elements of lawlessness “packaged” into the most comprehensive and compelling description of why it exists—and why it will get worse. I connect dots that are impossible to deny.


Yet there is still time to act. My pragmatic solution and my hope—is to adopt a policing model that I call Public Safety Policing. The key elements of this model are Order Maintenance, Surveillance Technologies, and Protective Methods. This model will help to regain order and give us time to reconcile, or at least soften, vexing ideological differences.

Much more can be said but suffice to say that lawlessness has its own momentum. It will take the implementation of this policing model to regain order and stability.

Are you interested in tempering the ideological civil war and finding a solution lawlessness…read You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead!

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