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Defunding Police = Targeting Police…?

Does this “formula” reflect reality…

The short answer is “yes.” A more comprehensive answer requires more time and space to convey and “prove.” Some data points, however, are pointing to an increasingly dangerous environment for police officers–and by implication, society itself. As the proverbial “canaries in the coal mine,” attacks on police can be likened to attacks on society. Some reject this connection. Others actually advocate for such attacks as a means to take down what they declare as a systemically racist society that is supported by racist police officers.

I addressed this thinking in my latest book:

The Data Says…

In You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead, I predicted increased attacks on police. Data supports this prediction. A recent Washington Times article cites an annual report published by the Fraternal Order of Police, which stated that 20 officers were killed in ambush-style shootings in 2023. The report said there were “115 such surprise attacks in 2023, resulting in 138 officers being wounded, both record-high numbers.” Another 378 officers were shot while on patrol in 2023 (a 14% increase from 2022, according to the FOP) which was also a record high.

The police union defines the term ambush, “as a gunman opening fire on an officer without warning, not in the course of an arrest.” These types of attacks are typically premeditated and generated from a level of hatred or resentment against police, authority, or society itself. Tragic killings of police officers sends shock waves through police agencies. Communities are rattled, and police families are devastated. Volumes have been written on the implications of these.

Other data associated with violence against police was cited in my book:

“There were 60,105 officers assaulted in the line of duty in 2020, with 30.9 percent suffering injuries as a result. This represents over 4,000 more assaults than the prior year.”

Does this Portend What Lies Ahead?

Violence against police was predictable. Those who saw past the “defunding” and “reimagining” mantras knew this.  Turning this around, however, or even getting our collective arms around a remedy is much more difficult than mindless mantras. Indeed, we may look back on these to conclude this commenced what may become a “war on police.” Another quote from my book may help frame what may lie ahead:

“I trust you get this is much larger than money. Indeed, the money mantra was just one small piece of the larger puzzle. As we have made clear [in the book], the agenda is wide and deep. Neo-Racism and neo-Marxism are deeply entrenched. Though the defunding element of their plan has been seen to be inappropriate, no matter; the momentum has started. Getting police
departments back together is a lot like putting ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ back together again.”

Looking into the future one can conclude some interesting times lie ahead. Those who see a coming storm may find my vantage point both enlightening and chilling. Click on this link to get a summary of the book:

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