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Chaos or Revolution? You Decide…

National Security Hour Podcast

The National Security Hour podcast adopted this provocative title. It is stark. Are the choices ahead this binary? Is there a middle ground between these two extremes? This is what we discussed on the podcast and what I wrote in my latest book: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead:

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The podcast was a wide ranging discussion. It’s interesting to hear how different people see the problem and their perceived solutions. I hope my points helped to enlighten the audience. Check it out here:

Back to the Binary Choice…

Think about this binary choice. Are these our only options? My opinion: We are not there yet. But, increasing chaos and lawlessness are coming. The time to make the necessary adjustments is NOW. We need to take back control of streets and urban areas. Instituting a new policing model called Public Safety Policing is my suggested remedy. I describe this here:

Without necessary adjustments, lawlessness and chaos have momentum. Know this: Lawless and extremist thinking grow unless and until its underlying causes are addressed.

Here is a snapshot of the road ahead. As chaos and lawlessness increase, so too will frustration, fear, and anger. These factors and resultant emotions make daily life more disruptive. Businesses and commerce suffer. Increases in crime causes increased distrust, higher levels of suspicion, and changes in human behavior, with self-protective methods being emphasized. For example, people are paying for private police and security to help protect them. They are also buying guns in record numbers. Yet, the governor of New Mexico just issued an emergency order prohibiting those carrying guns in public.

Harden targets and extraordinary executive decisions will only drive more extremes. None of these would be necessary if the government did its primary job: Protect the people.

For many reasons addressed in my book, the failure to institute effective law and order strategies will create sustained momentum toward the extreme binary choices raised by the podcast title.

So much more can be said…

Fleshing out the substantive, yet provocative issues in this podcast and in my book, one can conclude we still have time to reassert law and order. If we don’t act soon, however, one thing is sure: Nature Abhors a Vacuum. We either fill the void with proper controls, known as “ordered liberty,” or we will get something we do not want…

I urge you to listen and read…and to understand what is happening to our country!

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