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Public Safety Policing: What is it, “Big Brother” or “Better Protection” ?

‘Big Brother is protecting you’: Eric Adams pledges stronger policing, more technology in 2023 The subtitle above is from a Politico article published last week. In this article, New York City Mayor Eric Adams promised an “expansion of technology-assisted policing to detect weapons.” Over the past year, he has promoted the use of cameras and …

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Safe T Act = Destroy Illinois? A dramatic conclusion by a county prosecutor is raising the bar on the so called “Safe-T-Act.” In yet another factor on the road to lawlessness, consider the words of a Illinois Democratic prosecutor. A Democratic prosecutor in the Chicago-area is sounding the alarm over a criminal justice reform law that will “tie the hands” of prosecutors …

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Lawlessness = Defunding the Police

Telling the story of the path to lawlessness must start where it began. Defunding the police. This mantra found acclaim–and widespread appeal–in the summer of love. Following George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, this mindless mantra was mouthed by “leaders” throughout society. As vacant as this mantra was, its implications …

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