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Book Release- Today 8-23-22, I am pleased to announce the release of: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead

This is the first of several posts announcing my new book: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead which is officially released today, 8-23-22.

This book captures and explains the spirit of our current dilemma: We are experiencing an ideological civil war. Coming at this from a public safety and policing perspective, I weave together threads toward a coming revolution. In this bitter atmosphere, the fabric of this country is being torn apart. Opposing sides can be seen this way: Progressives vs. Loyalists. Even deeper this reflects Globalists vs. Nationalists. Either way, the battle lines are well developed—and increasingly hardened.

These are deep seated, embedded forces. As of now, the “conflict” has been largely ideological, but violence has occurred. The left points to J-6, the right points to the “summer of love.” Other more isolated, but deadly incidents also add to this dynamic. With the recent Mar-a-Lago warrant, the stakes—and the allegations—have increased exponentially. The momentum toward revolution, or a second civil war has dramatically increased.

Seeing this coming for many years, I focus on what is driving this inevitable conflict—the policies that have fostered this division. Here is where the accusations get personal—or more accurately political. Because policies are derived largely from the political process, the “cause” and the “solution” are both political. Knowing that some will disagree, though much of my attention goes to “progressive” policies and politicians. I explain the “whys” in the book, but suffice to say, the current chaotic, and even lawless circumstances, are driven by progressive thinking.

Using the dividers of race, religion, and politics, the book takes the reader through extremist ideological thinking, which fuel these divisions. This is driving lawlessness. I make the case that this is not just bad public policy. My provocative conclusion: it is planned to collapse the system.

Many, even most, of my police, public safety, and security colleagues desire to stay away from politics. I respect and understand this. But mitigating chaos and lawlessness requires one to address the policies causing the disruptions. Myriad technologies, risk management and threat assessment techniques, and a host of protocols implemented by police departments, consulting firms, and companies designed to reduce the impact of these disruptions all have some value. Indeed, I introduce a new policing model with many of these elements, which I call Public Safety Policing.

Even with this model, I readily admit such mitigators can only diminish what has been unleashed on this society. In short, chaos and lawlessness have their own momentum. They do not stop unless and until they are met with effective policies, strategies, and counterforces. Hence, unless we address the policies that are fostering this momentum, any well intended but “lesser” protocols and technologies will not stop the inexorable tide of lawlessness.

There is so much more to say. I have literally just scratched the surface.

In the next post, I will explain what motivated me to jump into this fray. Additional posts will help explain the elements of this important, timely, and yet chilling book. To those who care about this country, stay tuned…or buy the book at this link:

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