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A Backstory of J6 that You Likely Never Knew…?

Steven Sund- Capitol Police Chief Tells His Story

Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have only been a casual observer of J6. Dismissing the “insurrection” claims made by many as being either political gamesmanship or simply hyperbole, to me, it was a riot that got out of control. I never defended those who used violence that day–and never will.

Many that committed crimes and violence were subject to investigation and prosecution. But what about those who were charged with defending Congress and the Capitol? One person’s story needs to be heard. Steven Sund, the chief of the Capitol Police that fateful day in January 2021 is a story I didn’t know. It is a story you ought to hear.

Sund is interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Twitter. Though the interview is about an hour long, it’s worth your time. You can find it here:

Talking Points

Summarizing what Sund said will not substitute your own eyes and ears. I can only scratch the surface. Here are my takeaways and your incentives:

  • Intelligence relating to potential attacks were withheld from the chief law enforcement officer of the capitol
    • When the attacks against the capitol police occurred, it took 71 minutes before those in charge of the capitol gave permission to call in the National Guard
    • Once permission was finally given, it took until 6:00 pm, long after the riot was quelled, before the guard arrived
    • Nancy Pelosi, who was the direct report of the sergeant of arms, called for Sund to be fired from his job–who promptly was terminated
    • The person named as acting chief held the role of intelligence chief of the Capitol Police. Yogananda Pittman never actually made chief as the rank and file filed a “no confidence” vote against her.
    • A little over a year after J6, Yogananda Pittman became chief of the UC Berkeley Police Department…just across the bridge from Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district 11.

    Watch & Listen for yourself…

    His story touched me and it will touch you…

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