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#3: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead.

Recent surveys show an extraordinary statistic that reveals some disconcerting realities. CNN reported in late June 2022 that 85% of the American people believe that the country is going in the wrong direction. As bad as this statistic is, most don’t see the truly alarming consequences being communicated.

Most understand that policies drive human behavior. They are designed (or ought to be) to shape and foster certain desired results. Recall in 2009 on the heels of the historic election of Barack Obama when America was trumpeted as being “post-racial”? How did America devolve from “post-racial” to systemically racist in a little over a decade? Even more importantly, what implications does this declaration have? Should a society that has been declared as systemically racist be repaired, indeed, could it be repaired?

Divisive & Deadly Cycle

This thinking is designed to collapse the system. Defunding and re-imagining policing, mass incarceration, CRT, BLM, systemic racism, 1619, white privilege, and others. All are race based and Marxist oriented. All go in the same direction with the same ideology. This is all “group think” by those who are defining the message. Connect your own dots…

This will result in dangerous dynamic. Here is the cycle that lies ahead:

Race, Religion & Politics (RRP) is used to divide, extremist ideologies are used to fuel discord, these result in lawlessness that creates chaos, which results in fear, that causes suspicion, which result in a breakdown of the “social contract” which serves to keep a society together. Even worse, cumulatively these drive tribal and divisive thinking causing the balkanization of society leading to what is known as a “climate of collapse.”

In short, I make the case that RRP policies are driving the worst in human nature. This cycle is leading toward revolutionary thinking. It has its own momentum. Unless abated, this can become impossible to stop.


Though many security, police, and public safety professionals are devising clever and innovative ways to help mitigate these factors, the only viable “solutions” lie at the policy level. I advocate a transformation of policing, called Public Safety Policing. This policing model will restore order and seek to encounter the revolutionary climate that lies ahead.

To those so inclined, this book and this quest is our way forward. Are you part of the solution? Get involved! This is the time to act, as a “point of no return” is coming. The longer we wait, the more difficult the road ahead will be!

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