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Our new website

Welcome to the world of Dr. James F. Pastor! We’re very excited to have you here, and have created this website to help you explore Dr. Pastor’s insights and services to help deal with the disruptive world we live in. We always welcome your comments as you navigate to Dr. Pastor’s INSIGHTS or find out more about his EXPERTISE. If you are interested, his SERVICES will take you to the extended offerings of Dr. Pastor to help communities, organizations, and attorneys on how he serves as a reliable resource. Thank you for visiting and let us know how to help!

Dr. Pastor's new book release is August 23, 2022

We are pleased to announce this timely and important book: You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead. The book publisher, Defiance Press & Publishing, has been great to work with and is preparing the release.

Everyone who reviewed this book has been impressed with its substance and its analysis. Since we address matters that are  controversial, it was important to be fair, objective, and professional. I believe this was achieved. Doing these while simultaneously directly addressing the factors that are causing what I call a “revolutionary climate” was a daunting task. 

In short, we are living in chaotic and serious times. I hope this book will help to negate or diminish the coming storm. At least, I trust it will provide a timely warning that big things are happening. We still have time to address what is driving us to the brink. Please read this important book! I guarantee you will see dots being connected that most people cannot see…

Media Request

After four decades, one would expect that the media outlets will have covered an expert like Dr. Pastor.
He has been a frequent contributor in both commercial and professional media. He is available for media requests.
Please email or call directly at 239-327-9283.

You will not be disappointed in reviewing that coverage, some of which is presented below.

WLS Radio
Washington Business Journal
The New York Times
The Arizona Republic
The Oregonian

Previous media accounts include:

FOX News (National) • WTTW-TV Chicago Tonight • New York Times • NBC- Chicago • CBS-2 Chicago • WLS Radio (ABC Affiliate) • Security Management • Security Director’s Report • Security Director News • Corporate Security • Washington Business Journal • Daily Southtown • Reporter/Met • Northwest Indiana Times • WYIN Cable TV: Region Watch • Public Television: Lakeshore Focus • Comcast Television, Public Perspective • Post Tribune • The Arizona Republic • The Oregonian

Redefining and Remodeling Security & Public Safety

Security. Risk. These concepts are about what people feel. They are intangible. Difficult to define.

The consulting practice of Dr. James F. Pastor is about the reimagining of these concepts… bringing them to life by blending the art and science BEHIND the words.

Here, on this website, you’ll meet Dr. Pastor.

Get to know him. Experience his experience, and then let him help you change the words into meaningful actions.

Together, he will help you create public safety and security that is long-lasting and sustainable.

My Purpose

Delivering a unique sense of risk and liability management, heightened by an astute perspective of geo-political trends, for the purpose of maintaining law and order.

“Throughout the world, one thing is universal: people crave law and order. My career has been built on enhancing this desire by bringing law and order to the forefront of agendas. My work is imbedded in understanding it, confronting its issues, and developing tactics to eliminate lawlessness. For me, it is personal, because I care about people. As it should be, for all of us who are blessed with the opportunity to lead.”

— Dr. James F. Pastor, Ph.D., J.D., C.P.P.

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Four decades of diverse and substantive experience addressing legal, public safety and security issues

Dr. Pastor’s values shape his work and his life. These values define the character of his work, expressed in the individual engagements for his clients. As you review this website, you will see these values serve as the foundation for how Dr. Pastor acts and makes decisions on behalf of his clients.

Security is Simple, Yet Sophisticated.

At the core of security lies opportunities. Crafting your strategy requires a deep understanding of security principles, cutting edge technologies, careful and practical policies, relevant legal standards—plus being cognizant of how human nature drives and impacts these. Companies need to formulate a winning security strategy, powered by insights from someone who can offer not just scalability, but the speed and certainty to execute the required tactics.

All organizations need to constantly assess, even re-think, security and legal exposures. Dr. Pastor’s unmatched background will help you shape your security strategy in an increasingly disrupted world.

Resilience, agility, whatever you’d like to call it is the heart of Dr. Pastor’s approach to your needs. The result? Solutions that are real and that work.

So as you explore this website, keep in mind the fundamental rule of security and public safety: the struggle is never over. Maintaining diligence, awareness and forethought can only be accomplished by someone who has lived with the problem for a long time.

That’s Dr. Jim Pastor. And he is ready when you are.

Core Values



Helpfulness means being ready to assist within the context of a particular assignment. My career has taught me to always give more than I get.


Being ethical inspires trust. I say what I mean, and my work reflects this commitment, taking responsibility for my actions.


Bringing bold thinking and speaking truth requires courage. My experience, which goes beyond printed and spoken words, is demonstrated by always doing the right thing.